The Ritz-Carlton


Media Kit
The Ritz-Carlton Magazine needed a new media kit to coincide with the launch of a new Global Media Network and newly redesigned publication. A comprehensive media kit was developed to showcase the advertising potential of the exclusive in-room magazine to advertisers seeking exposure to an exclusive clientele.
Mark Anthony Munoz Ritz-Carlton Media Kit
Media Kit + Brochure + Insert Sheets
Interactive Report
The Ritz-Carlton hotels required a report to communicate quarterly public relations results. An electronic report was created that delivered information concisely and allowed readers to access additional information via web and document links. Reported results covered measurements for public relations efforts, metrics, a-list media partnerships, social innovations and upcoming brand initiatives.
Mark Anthony Munoz Ritz-Carlton Public Relations Report
Request for Proposal
The Ritz-Carlton Magazine was seeking proposals for a redesign of the flagship magazine and editorial and production partnerships. A unique approach was taken to garner interest—the RFP was created as a magazine that was distributed to current partners and new prospects looking to provide a proposal for the project.
Mark Anthony Munoz Ritz-Carlton RFP Cover
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